Thanks Andrea,

In general both, what we have to do, as to talk to our community seems to be important to do.

But I am not convinced that a blogpost on gstreamer alone would be interesting to for the community. I think a blogpost about the 4.2.0 beta plans would indeed be helpfull. We could write a little bit about what people can prepare to test for, and of course mention the gstreamer update that we would like to see tested by the community. Also some regular Format as a blog posts would be nice. I think Star Citizen does a real good job in community management. We could grab some ideas from them.

The next board report is sheduled in April. So we have to prepare a report anyhow soon. How about with the board report we publish a community Report, too? - It will be different of course from the board report, with more focus on community topics.

We could always write what has happend in the Project. I think the different perspective could help a little the cause. For the first Community Report we could start off with the 4.2.0 beta plan, and what we want to do. What we hope for and talk about some highlights like gstreamer.
We could also mention that work has been started on the win 64 transition.

On 11.03.2018 21:34, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
Peter Kovacs wrote:
can someone delete the page

Now you can. I've just given you permission to delete pages.

Wouldn't a blog post at with the good news be more useful (at the present state)?

I mean: it may be important to create pages to track actions, and it makes sense that you do it. But it is even more important to publish the outcomes when we have good news for our users.


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