Peter Kovacs wrote:
We could always write what has happend in the Project. I think the different perspective could help a little the cause. For the first Community Report we could start off with the 4.2.0 beta plan, and what we want to do. What we hope for and talk about some highlights like gstreamer.
We could also mention that work has been started on the win 64 transition.

In general, I would prefer smaller posts. We even had weekly news at a point (I think it lasted for an embarrassing low number of weeks, like 4 weeks or so!). You can find traces in the CWiki:

So something like a "monthly news" summarizing a month's worth of list traffic would work better. Of course, someone would need to volunteer for that...

As for the format, we have a blog here and there's not much flexibility, this is what we get:


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