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> On 4/2/2018 7:29 PM, Kay Schenk wrote:
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> > ​OK, I think the filenames are fixed now. Bad commit the first time I
> guess.
> > Great if you could help with the restructuring. Please keep in mind that
> > this is not ALL the TestLink files. I need to see what we're missing and
> > want to have at this point.
> Another Question. When you downloaded the files from the testlink site
> did you filter for only manual execution? I notice that your initial
> directory was for ManualExecution.
> Regards
> Keith

​Hi Keith --
I followed the instructions I posted on the QA list In February --



​The "browse cases" give you viewing of manual test cases. The new
directory I created under --

are written test cases previously used in QA "manual" testing.

If you're finding ManualExecution on TestLink(?), this is an area that I
did not use.

There is a LOT more cleanup and documentation of process to do at this
point, and I now see the new area is NOT available for public viewing as it
was on March 30, so I need to investigate the cause.

Hope this helps.


"Less is MORE."

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