Jim Jagielski wrote:
We then svn copy trunk to a AOO420 branch and
start focusing on getting a 4.2.0 GA release out.

On my side, this looks OK but localization is still lagging behind.

Unless we deem it acceptable to get 4.2.0 out in English only (or with a significant percentage of English strings in the UI even for localized versions) this is still quite blocking, especially considering that there is an entire localization community that will need to be reactivated.

Localization is, so to say, under my "ownership" (meaning: it's an area where I've volunteered to lead the effort); but I can't commit to getting it done by a certain deadline right now. Volunteers welcome, of course; even beginners.

I do think we should try and get 4.2.0 out in all languages; but for a beta it would be acceptable to have English only, or incomplete translations.

Localization doesn't have a big impact in terms of branches since what we have now is not aligned to the code anyway. And localization files live in their own directory so conflicts are not to be expected.


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