On Mon, Mar 26, 2018, 05:57 Andrea Pescetti <pesce...@apache.org> wrote:

> Kay Schenk wrote:
> > This particular requirement is a source of confusion for me.
> >
> > I'm pretty sure glib 2.5, is some internal RedHat (CentOS5) version
> > numbering scheme. This is really glibc, and we need to accurately
> > specify the minimal version we will be requiring.
> No they are two different things. See my explanation at
> https://s.apache.org/hM06 (archives of this list). This means we should
> list both, but insist on glibc in particular.

Thanks Andrea -- after spending some time looking yesterday, I did see that
"glib" and "glibc" were two distinct entities. FWIW, I *think* "glib 5"
corresponds to the standard series if glib 1.x something.

In any case, we have this "glib 5" requirement for using Linux. Is this
still correct? Or maybe, what is the acceptable relationship pairing
between "glib" and "glibc" ?

> Regards,
>    Andrea.
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