Last week I began looking at the documentation at the LibreOffice wiki
as it pertained to the Calc solver engines supported, and supplied by
the office suit. What I found was that the most prominent reference
was to a page back on the AOO wiki

I thought it worth while to create a proper content page over on the
LibreOffice wiki, two main content reasons; 1st - the AOO is specific
to the NLP extension from Sun and wanted to expand it with information
on the five different engines available in a LO vanilla install
(w/java) of which the NLP engines are only two; 2nd - there is a link
to the SDK API documentation for the Solver service information which
needs to point to the proper SDK.

I decided to use the content from the AOO page as a jumping off point
and to change and expand it. A draft (nearly done) of that work is
available for review here:

Two reasons for this email.

Today in our documentation team meeting I was asked how you folks here
felt about me using the AOO content as the jump off text. I said I was
sure you wouldn't mind and that I would ask to be sure. So - this
email. (note I've kept the license information from the AOO page in
the new draft document with regards to the two NLP extension solvers -
with a minor change to the text, so please check that out)

Second - in the draft you will see that I've included a reference to
an MIT tutorial on solvers and supply a Calc file with a simple script
which executes the solver model from that tutorial. The example Calc
file with the script should work just fine with AOO and if you folks
are interested I would be happy to share this for use on the AOO wiki
page, or anything else in that draft change.

That is the long and short of it - questions/comments welcome and let
me know if you would like to use any of the content on the wiki here.

Best wishes,


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