Am 12.05.21 um 22:12 schrieb Arrigo Marchiori:
please allow me to top-post as I just need a ``public reminder''.

An Italian user reported another problem [1]: they have links that
point _to the same document_ and trigger the warning.

Even if you do not understand Italian, you can download the attachment
and look at what the buttons do.

URLs are in the form: "#anchor". Therefore, we should remember to
whitelist all links starting with "#", whatever design choice we make.

yes, good point.

Would not it be nice to file a BugZilla issue to collect all the
reports and URLs, as it happened for other ``popular'' bugs?


I don't think that we need another issue for the problem. Why not using this one [2] and extend it by comments which URL parts we also want to consider:



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