Does it make sense in addition to create a Wiki page with all types of Links that we can have?

So we have some sort of Documentation.

Also maybe the ODF specification can give us hints what type there is.

On 12.05.21 22:12, Arrigo Marchiori wrote:
Hello all,

please allow me to top-post as I just need a ``public reminder''.

An Italian user reported another problem [1]: they have links that
point _to the same document_ and trigger the warning.

Even if you do not understand Italian, you can download the attachment
and look at what the buttons do.

URLs are in the form: "#anchor". Therefore, we should remember to
whitelist all links starting with "#", whatever design choice we make.

Would not it be nice to file a BugZilla issue to collect all the
reports and URLs, as it happened for other ``popular'' bugs?


Best regards,
This is the Way!

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