Hi Arrigo,

On 2/10/22 11:00 AM, Arrigo Marchiori wrote:
Hello Matthias,

On Thu, Feb 10, 2022 at 03:42:16PM +0100, Matthias Seidel wrote:

Hi Arrigo,

Am 10.02.22 um 15:21 schrieb Arrigo Marchiori:
Dear Jim, Matthias, All,

On Wed, Feb 09, 2022 at 12:12:09PM -0500, Jim Jagielski wrote:

That's right... I'll wait to even try compiling until things settle
down and we have some slowly moving target I can compile and build

On Feb 8, 2022, at 6:06 AM, Matthias Seidel <matthias.sei...@hamburg.de> wrote:

Hi Arrigo,

No need to apologize. ;-)

But I think, before we begin to think about upgrading serf we need to
make sure that AOO41X is able to build successfully on all platforms.

Windows and Linux are OK, I think. macOS is still pending?
AOO41X now builds under Catalina, with a single edit to the official
build script: AOO_JAVA_VERSION=1.8
So you build with Java 8?
The official build script contains the setting:

On our Mac mini, the script fails because Java 1.7 is not installed,
and it does not seem to be available on-line for download.

What is the architecture of the Mac Mini?
Asul has x86-64 JDK's available for Java 7 but that's all.



I found Java 8 installed, and that's why I changed the setting.

I hope it makes sense.

Best regards,

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