On 09/19/2016 05:50 AM, patrick keshishian wrote:
> It seems that this association is a mistake. If so, is there a
> better place to report these sort of things as I come across them?

As pointed out by Michael, using "notes" is an option.

> As I am still learning my way through the data, I don't wish to
> do wholesale edits.

I hope you won't ever do wholesale edits, even after you have learned
your way ;) but editing individual objects is totally ok.

> Question: Is there a general rule used when processing role=""?
> OSM wiki for Relation [3] indicates that roles are optional. It
> looks that OSM is rendering way=428362225 as an area [4].

Certainly depends on which kind of relation it is. For polygons/
boundaries, software processing them is advised not to look at the role
tag at all, and instead use geometric reasoning to determine how the
polygon needs to be constructed. There is usually only one valid


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