Hi Vishal,

> On Wed, May 08, 2019 at 11:49:43AM +0200, Michael Zangl wrote:
>> On 08.05.19 10:12, Vishal R wrote:
>> Hi,
>>      First, thank you OSM for selecting my proposal for Google Summer of
>> Code. I have some doubts and I was hoping the community could help me
>> with them.

congratz, I am looking forward your contributions!

>>      I am bit active in OSM's IRC channels and mailing list. Are there
>> any other communities I should be active in?
> This mailing list and the OSM IRC channel are mostly for general
> development. You can have a look at JOSM, since your UI will be integrating
> there. Most communication for JOSM is done in the issue tracker [1]. You can
> have a look in there, but most of it is unrelated to your GSoC.

If you need something regarding JOSM, mailing list is pretty responsive.

> During your GSoC, your main communication with the community will be the
> progress report that you do in regular intervals. You may get some feedback
> on those reports from community members.

@Michael these will be sent to mailing list? Or some blogposts? I don't want to
miss them.


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