Hi Team,

I have got a few thousand cleaned GPX files of motorbikes. These trace
files majorly represent missing roads in OSM (which I have derived by using
months of bikers data and identifying tracepoints which are not near any of
the road segments in OSM).
I want to contribute to OSM on a regular basis and want to take an opinion
on my workflow for submission of these trace files to OSM.

 1. Upload all GPX files in bulk using OSM UI(
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Upload_GPS_tracks) or using API(
 2. Pass some GPS-tags, e.g. name, id, status, etc. So, that I can query
data that I have uploaded.
 3. Have a team of 2-3 people who can then use JOSM or other editors to
make ways/roads from this GPX data to OSM

 1. Is this a correct workflow for uploading and making ways/roads from GPX
 2. Can I use GPS-tags to track of how many gpx files have been converted
into ways/roads?

Also, Is there any alternative to have this capability?

Awaiting a quick response.

Ajay Singh
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