On 30/05/2019 20:33, Colin Smale wrote:

A (private) program I use which accesses the OSM API has stopped working since the last time I used it, a couple of weeks ago. Read-only calls to the API, including a (proven correct) Authentication header are now failing with 401 Unauthorized, with the returned body indicating a problem with the username/password. The same call without the Authorization header succeeds. I swear nothing has changed on my side; double-checking the auth header with Fiddler shows the username/password I expect, and I can still logout/login using these values (which I haven't changed).

Is there anything going on, or has anything changed on the API, that may be causing this?

Sample URL: GET on https://api.openstreetmap.org/api/0.6/relation/8465619

I know I can just remove the authentication - it was added for "future use" anyway - but why has it suddenly broken?

It's a cgimap bug - previously it just ignored basic authentication
which was fine because it only handled calls where it was optional.

The version does do it but has a bug - we have a fix in hand which
should be rolled out shortly.

In the meantime try using your username instead of email address and
make sure you get he case right and it will hopefully work.


Tom Hughes (t...@compton.nu)

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