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A user has asked why the image creation tool under 'Share' couldn't automatically add an attribution. It would certainly save me a lot of email sending asking users to add it.

If you mean the option

I'm surprised your confused. I thought I was perfectly clear.

The "share" tool offers a number of options and I just wanted
to be clear which one we were talking about.

I mentioned 'image' & I'm posting to the Development forum not Newbie.

that gives you an image based on the
default rendering then the answer is that all that option does
is to to a custom render using mapnik, and that render has
no way to add an attribution.

Would it be much coding effort?


I mean you can certainly do it, but it means writing a whole
bunch of code to work out what font size to use then render
some text and overlay it on the mapnik generated image.

There must be calculations performed to create the clipped image
  especially considering the Scale: option provided.
Inserting an image of the attribution into the corner of the map image at a defined percentage of its size can't add that much additional overheads,

There are plenty of 'image stamper' programs on the market which do similar.

The script is here:


Patches are welcome.

Make sure they work for all the output formats ;-)

Yeah, that's not really the answer, is it?

My OSM time is spent creating data for the OSM database. I then spend additional time updating & maintaining that data.

It a shame the creators of the main website are reluctant to do the same for their contributions. It's looking a bit tired & 'Win95ish'.


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