Hmm, if I anonymise x-forwarded-for, mod_tile will throttle the proxy, I'm 
Curious to know the config of the OSM CDN squid caches for https. Anybody for a 
short explanation?

Le 3 novembre 2019 23:38:23 GMT+01:00, Stefan Baebler 
<> a écrit :
>In that case you would ideally find a way for the caching proxy server
>reach the original tiles over plain http (make sure to strip any user's
>personal data from the requests!) and save some CPU cycles on both
>improving the latency slightly.
>You might also want to consider serving larger tiles. 256x256 is really
>small for today's standards and most major map frameworks (well, at
>leaflet, openlayers and mapbox) already support loading 512x512 tiles,
>reducing the number of requests, improving the load times and server
>usage. Yes, those tiles will take some more time to render, but most
>less than four times more ;-)
>Some rendering/caching systems internally already use even larger tiles
>combat these problems
>V ned., 3. nov. 2019 09:24 je oseba Yves <> napisala:
>> Ah, I should've told that I own the opensnowmap render server.
>> My concern is to keep the ~0.5 TB of tiles available on both a proxy
>> and the render server in case things goes bad on the later, even if
>> old tiles.
>> Also, as heavy tiles user are more and more common, I'd like to
>> them a quick solution that looks better than 'no warranty, I may have
>> cut your access'.
>> Yves
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