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> Then exporting to JSON
> osmium export poi.osm.pbf --output-format=geojsonseq --omit-rs
> --add-unique-id=type_id -v -o poi.json
> And some records are being omitted that I would expect to be in the output.
> For instance, Yankee Stadium:
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/24801630 matches
> the "leisure" and "sport" tags, yet that way isn't in the result set. If I
> run tags-filter with just "leisure" it will show up, so I'm wondering if
> there's something happening by specifying multiple tags that I'm not aware
> of.

If the way does not appear in the final JSON, it could miss because the
OSM file misses one or multiple nodes referenced by the way. Therefore,
building the geometry is not possible. Use "osmium check-refs" to check
the referential integrity of an OSM file. Please mind that the input
file to check-refs needs to be sorted (can be done using the Osmium tool
as well; usually OSM files are sorted).


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