On Oct 26, 2021, at 3:28 AM, Steve Hay <steve.m....@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for testing, and apologies for not getting back to you sooner.
> Unfortunately, I don't know anything about building Apache/mod_perl on *nix 
> systems, and was hoping that someone else might step in with some answers 
> here.


> Do you get the same behaviour with Apache-Test-1.42, or are these new 
> problems in 1.43-rc1?

Yes, I get the same behavior with 1.42. At a minimum, I need to

ln -s /path/to/my/apache/modules

inside the Apache-Test-1.43-rc1 directory and create a t/conf/httpd.conf.in 
file (as suggested by the README) with a bunch of LoadModule commands in it to 
get the httpd server to start up in any kind of useful state.

The resulting "make test" output still skips the tests of mod_cgi, mod_perl, 
etc., even though I explicitly load them in t/conf/httpd.conf.in. I think I've 
tracked down the reason for this to Apache::TestConfig's modules hash doesn't 
include all of the modules that are actually loaded. I haven't been able to 
figure out why though. I suspect it's parsing the wrong httpd.conf file. If I 
hack Apache::Test's need_module to always return 1, all tests pass, so these 
modules are loaded. This seems to be a long-standing problem for some (but not 
most) people, as evidenced by this thread from 2006:


> If the problems are not new then I'm inclined to leave them for now (assuming 
> I can get some +1s from voters on releasing this) and look at addressing them 
> for the next release. The purpose of this release was really just to update 
> Apache-Test in mod_perl to the current version before making a long-overdue 
> release of that.

Do you have a link that shows the changes from 1.42 to 1.43-rc1? Or just send 
me the diffs? That's probably a better way for me to evaluate the changes.


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