> Let's come back to the existing problems you've raised for the next release, 
> otherwise this will hold up the mod_perl release.

Sure, I get that.

> I've attached a diff of the changes from 1.42 to 1.43-rc1.
> <diffs.txt>

Thanks. (I wish Apache used GitHub. It would be a lot easier to track 

Anyway, these are pretty minor changes, but I don't think this change is quite 

+    # No need to search PATH components
+    # if $program already contains a path
+    return $program if !OSX and !WINFU and
+        $program =~ /\// and -f $program and -x $program;

OSX uses slashes for path separators and supports "-f" and "-x". I feel the 
"!OSX and " should be removed here, but I can't test it as all of my Apache 
httpd systems are on Linux.

    return $program if !WINFU and
        $program =~ /\// and -f $program and -x $program;


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