I definitely agree that every test in every project can be improved. The tests 
we have now did bring up several issues, but I do agree that we will have to 
bring in more side path tests. I am hoping that with the integration test 
framework I'm working on, it will be easier to provide such tests without 
having to strain your brain too much.


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From: Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 3:31:15 AM
To: dev@plc4x.apache.org
Subject: tests and coverage


It looks to me that some of the tests are just here to increase coverage and we 
seem to be missing unit test for some of the more simple classes. Perhaps 
there’s a bit too much focus on the happy path and we’re not always checking 
boundary conditions and the like. Obviously this is a good start but do you 
think we can improve on this?

I just checked in some tests for ByteValue and you note that one of the tests 
is failing due to a (minor) issue in the code. It's easily fixed but I think it 
illustrates the point that this sort of mistake is easy to make and easy to 
find via unit tests. There’s no finger of blame here, I make those sort of 
mistakes (and more) as well. Even more reason to have tests :-)


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