Hi all,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to kick of a discussion about releasing.

As one of the major things we have to learn and practice in the incubator is 
correctly to release software, I would like to discuss with you what you think 
would be a good line to draw for a first release?

I would suggest that we still should handle the following things:

  *   Test the Beckhoff Driver against some real Beckhoff device.
  *   Implement the S7 PDU Fragmentation feature
  *   (Optional) Implement the simulation of multi-value writes for S7
  *   (Optional) Implement a first version of the Modbus drivers (Serial and 

I do have quit a strong opinion on the first and that we should definitely not 
release a driver we haven’t tested in the real world and not having implemented 
the PDU Fragmentation will cause problems with the driver in real world 
scenarios (more than 15 addresses requested form the plc). We shouldn’t release 
something that’s not usable. If we can’t support multiple writes, we’re in good 
company as none of the other options I know support that, so no one will expect 
it from us. Also I could also live with a non-functional Modbus driver for now, 
if implementing this takes too long.

You think something is missing or eventually it’s too much? Please feel free to 
comment ☺


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