Hi all,

we observe a strange behavior in production.
We are still investigating the exact scenario and it’s a bit complex as we have 
many connections to many plcs and fire many requests through many different 
But what we observe is that we get the well known “too many open files” 
Exception ona linux server WHEN one of the plcs gets unreachable (pool will try 
many times to recreate the connection).

I just checked the Codebase for a Second and I think we are handling the 
exceptions wrong (or not at all?).
If I understand it correctly from [1] (didn’t bother to check nettys doc as its 
rather poor) we should close the socket somewhere but we ALWAYS do 
super.exceptionCaught() which just propagates it upward in the channel 
hierarchy but seems to NEVER close it.

Am I wrong with that?

We try to get create a MWE which reproduces that behavior to check if we fix it 
like that.


[1] https://www.baeldung.com/netty-exception-handling

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