Hi all,

yesterday Volker and I meet in our codecentric office in FFM and worked on a 
DF1 driver based on mspec and generated code.
Here we learned that we need to extend the arrayField to support a “terminated” 
type in addition to the existing “count” (Explicit number is specified before 
the array in the data) or a “length” (the length of the payload in bytes is 
specified before the array in the data).
For the DF1 protocol we also need to be able to continue adding elements until 
a termination condition is true (In this case reading the 0x10 0x03 byte 
sequence). So I’ll be extending the spec format with this feature. I would 
suggest not to use some sort of termination characters, but to call a function 
which tells the array to read another element or not.

Also did we encounter a situation where byte data is escaped … so in this case 
if the data contains the byte 0x10, this has to be escaped by duplicating it to 
0x10, 0x10. This makes things a little tricky as we have to ignore the second 
0x10 for the termination condition.

Last thing we noticed: for calculating the CRC checksum, it would be good to 
have a new type of field in the spec. One that isn’t used for parsing or 
serializing, but for referencing it (in expressions for example) … Not sure how 
to call it tough … was thinking of “virtual”


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