Hi all,

as we use in our DF1 Code (and also fort he Modbus Code, I think) the library: 
https://github.com/Ziver/Netty-Transport-jSerialComm which is under netty 
But it quite outdated and only “maintained” by one guy.
I contacted him asking if he accepts PRs and also suggested, that we probably 
move / replicate the code in our code in a tools module (or integrate it in the 
Serial-Netty Stuff somewhere).

What do you think?
The best way, if he agrees, would be to have him sign an ICLA and we could 
simply take the code as is and refactor it perhaps a bit and adapt it to newer 

Otherwise, I think it will be hard to use this lib and we would need to come up 
with an alternative.


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