Yep, would have hoped that.
Perhaps we can even refactor common shit out, but only i fit makes sense.

Am 04.09.19, 10:03 schrieb "Christofer Dutz" <>:

    Guess it will be sort of a clone of your work, just using a different 
mechanism to get a "Handle" ... and a little extra code for a thread to send 
the packets at the right time.
    Am 04.09.19, 09:30 schrieb "Julian Feinauer" <>:
        Sounds like... 
        I could offer some support but I guess it should be rather 
straightforward based on raw-sockets, or?
        Am 04.09.19, 09:11 schrieb "Christofer Dutz" 
            Hi all,
            now that we have a working raw-socket Netty input. I would like to 
use that to use something we can use to build passive-mode drivers.
            The idea is to build something, that doesn’t use a real network 
device, but instead uses a pcap WireShark dump.
            So we could simply record the network traffic of a system and use 
the pcap file to build drivers for that without having to be at the location.
            I was thinking that it could read the time-codes to fire the 
recorded packets in almost the same interval as they occurred in real life.
            What do you think? Good idea?

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