Hi all,

In the BACnet protocol I encountered something new (Who would have thought?)

Here sort of everything is encoded with so called Tags. These have a fixed 
structure and a variable payload.
Now depending on the type of request there are fixed sequences of tags coming 
in. So the first Tag has meaning X, the seconds Y, …
The thing is I would like to sort of say: Here comes a Tag, but with fixed 
portions set to certain values.

So let’s take the BACnetTag definition:

[discriminatedType 'BACnetTag'
    [simple        uint 4 'typeOrTagNumber']
    [discriminator uint 1 'contextSpecificTag']
    [simple        uint 3 'lengthValueType']

And a the following request:

['0x05' BACnetConfirmedServiceRequestSubscribeCOV
    [simple BACnetTag 'subscriberProcessIdentifier']
    [simple BACnetTag 'monitoredObjectIdentifier']
    [simple BACnetTag 'issueConfirmedNotifications']
    [simple BACnetTag 'lifetime']

It is not 100% correct, because I am expecting a tag with:
Type = 0
Context = 1
Length = 1
Which 1-byte payload is treated as 'subscriberProcessIdentifier'
So I sort of need to come up with a notation for this … any ideas?


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