org.apache.poi.xssf.streaming.TestSXSSFWorkbookWithCustomZipEntrySource >
validateTempFilesAreEncrypted FAILED
    java.lang.AssertionError at

I think this is just me because I am using a clean download of the project,
and jenkins build is passing.

So when I debug the junit that is failing, I find that the test that is
failing is validateTempFilesAreEncrypted, and the failure is that
workbook.dispose is unable to delete the temporary file backing the XML.
The only reason that could be is that the test still has the file open at
the time it is attempting to delete it. I tried to delete the file manually
while the program is at the breakpoint, and I cannot. But once the test has
completed, I am able to manually delete the file. Maybe the close on the
Writer is failing silently, or something else has the file open. I don't
understand why this would be happening though as the jenkins build does not
detect this (on the server).

It did work for me a couple days ago when I was preparing to commit my
patch. I have nothing else in the works right now though since I can't even
build the project with a clean install.

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