Dear all,

Since June, this is the third pull request I open about the same theme.

After the first review, mentioning a conversation I had missed 
 I reworked my initial submission to refactor my code into some sharable XDDF 
package for the common DrawingML subset about charts.

After I had opened the second pull request, I wanted to solve some personal 
situation which my initial XDDF implementation did not allow me to get done, 
not even with ugly code. So I decided to go for some more steps, learning from 
the XSSF charts implementation, and migrating the existing XSSF charts and 
tests to use the new XDDF code, which evolved a lot.

This is why we now have pull request #68 ( 
<>) and pull requests #61 and #67 have 
been closed.

Personally, I was scratching my own itch which was bug #57835 
(, at least the Charts 
part of the bug report. Maybe the Notes part could be solved following some 
strategy similar to what I implemented for Charts. It did not enter my scope 
yet. Anyway, it would be worth its own pull request, since this one is already 
touching 97 files…

I hope this contribution does not fall in the middle of some important release 

Best regards,

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