@pjfanning: In the current state, delegating to the XDDF from the legacy SS and 
XSSF implementation would not be feasible. Some constants were defined in Enum 
types and I don’t know how to “redirect” an Enum value to the new 
implementation of it.

@Greg: I don’t know how deep your code goes throughout the CT* side. For the 
user model, I tried to put as much as possible of the common code in the 
abstract XDDFChartData, XDDFChartData.Series and XDDFChartAxis, with concrete 
implementations in the subclasses. If you could point me to some repository 
where I could take a look at your current uses of chart related CT* internals, 
I could focus on preparing a user model API for these uses.

@Andi: I did not put any @Removal on the @Deprecated elements. Maybe all the 
classes in the XDDF package should be marked as @Beta as well.

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