I have a question. If we bring it into POI as a sub-project, do we have to
change its namespace? If it were added to Commons, would it have to change
its namespace?

Here is my rational for restoring XMLBeans to an active project or

XMLBeans is a stable project. It doesn't need much new work, but as new
Java releases occur, and as technologies change, the need to update
XMLBeans and keep it current with technology becomes apparent. In the attic
it can not get these necessary refreshes, and projects which rely on it are
forced to look elsewhere for the solution XMLBeans provides. Keeping
XMLBeans alive, not as a zombie, but as a living mature project means that
those projects that depend on it can continue productively depending on
XMLBeans as technology advances. The POI project is willing to look after
XMLBeans since we see the benefit of maintaining it vs. dropping it for
some other yet to be determined XML solution, both to our own project and
to others.

After looking over at Commons, it almost looks like that is the appropriate
place to put it as long as we can do so without changing the namespace.

On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 4:04 PM, pj.fanning <fannin...@yahoo.com> wrote:

> My attempt at a short description of why we want to be able to patch
> xmlbeans.
> Apache Poi has a significant dependency on XmlBeans. There would need to be
> a lot of work done to switch to an alternative (and this might happen at a
> later date). We have identified a few issues in XmlBeans that we would like
> to be fix and would like to be able to fix other high priority issues that
> might be reported in future.
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