marcelmeulemans edited a comment on issue #156: PROTON-1936: lower case include 
and updated ifdefs
   Sorry, you are right, I could have been a bit more verbose in explaining the 
issue being tackled here (also in the Jira issue) and how I solve them.
   What this pull request is trying to achieve is to allow proton to be cross 
compiled for windows from a linux host using mingw. There are basically two 
main things in the current code base preventing this (both of which you are 
asking questions about):
   1. **File name casing**. The windows API is not really very consistent when 
is comes to the casing of file names (can differ per VS version, or platform), 
so as windows file systems are not case sensitive and linux file systems are, 
inconsistent casing causes a problem on linux (i.e. `fatal error: Windows.h: No 
such file or directory # include <BaseTsd.h>`). Mingw "overcomes" this by lower 
casing all include and library files. So one part of this pull request lower 
cases all includes and libraries. As windows is case insensitive, this changes 
nothing on windows but allows compilation to succeed on linux.
   2. **Preprocessor based platform detection** In several places in the proton 
code base platform detection is being done using preprocessor definitions. In a 
few of these cases it is doing so by using a define that identifies the 
compiler, not the platform. In these places I have added a check for a define 
that identifies the _platform_ (which as you mention should be the correct way 
of doing so). I did not feel confident enough to remove the existing compiler 
identification check, but I would be happy to do so.

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