30 minutes ago, Laurent wrote:
> I meant this:
> (define (string-replace from str to)
>    (regexp-replace* (regexp-quote from) str (regexp-replace-quote to)))

30 minutes ago, Matthew Flatt wrote:
> Surely Laurent meant
>    (define (string-replace str from to)
>      (regexp-replace* (regexp-quote from) str (regexp-replace-quote to)))

(Yes, that was a typo.)

If this is added, then that begs to also have something like[*]

  (define (string-index-of sub str [start 0] [end (string-length str)])
    (define m (regexp-match-positions (regexp-quote sub) str start end))
    (and m (caar m)))

?  If so, then what should it be called?

([*] untested, more typos possible.)

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