This sounds really good. I will be glad to help people who have strong
Royale skills but are uncomfortable writing for publication in English.


On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 7:11 AM, Carlos Rovira <>

> Hi,
> I want to propose to start introducing some "pearls" (beads? ;)) of quick
> knowledge about Royale in our blog (Peter de Haan's flex examples blog
> style, remember it?)
> *This will make the effect that each post will be published in Facebook and
> Twitter and will make us to be "on the air" and reach more people that
> would eventually join us. Is not only about make it easy to learn Royale,
> but to make people out there know us!)*
> To make this happen I propose to publish one tiny example each 2 weeks, and
> each time from a different team member.
> Since we are around 10-15 people supporting this project, we can make
> calendar with publish dates, so we all know when we must publish.
> In this way each one will be publishing each 6 month (approx.), and I think
> this is very affordable for all of us
> what do you think?
> (btw, we can introduce the content in WP and schedule for publication the
> day and hour we want, and then make it live royal.a.o)
> --
> Carlos Rovira

Andrew Wetmore

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