I want to propose to start introducing some "pearls" (beads? ;)) of quick
knowledge about Royale in our blog (Peter de Haan's flex examples blog
style, remember it?)

*This will make the effect that each post will be published in Facebook and
Twitter and will make us to be "on the air" and reach more people that
would eventually join us. Is not only about make it easy to learn Royale,
but to make people out there know us!)*

To make this happen I propose to publish one tiny example each 2 weeks, and
each time from a different team member.

Since we are around 10-15 people supporting this project, we can make
calendar with publish dates, so we all know when we must publish.

In this way each one will be publishing each 6 month (approx.), and I think
this is very affordable for all of us

what do you think?

(btw, we can introduce the content in WP and schedule for publication the
day and hour we want, and then make it live royal.a.o)

Carlos Rovira

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