Hi Piotr,

I see you updated vivid branch merging develop. I'd like to ask you to make
rebase instead. The benefits of rebase are that branches are more clean and
If you have some initial fear on how to make the rebase correctly, you can
make a test branch and try it.

Here's a the email I sent in the flex mailing list on how to make this

Please, consider it, and let me know what do you think about it :)



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When I'm working on a branch I use to "rebase" in order to ensure my branch
does not get obsolete. For that reason I want to send this email, so others
could benefit if they does not know about it.

If you use a program like source tree, is very easy:

1.- First you checkout your branch
2.- put your mouse over the branch you want to rebase onto (this use to be
3.- In the contextual menu choose "rebase current changes onto XXX"
This will make the operation and when finished your branch will have some
changes to push and some to pull (normaly(
4.- You can Force push the info. (notice that "force push" is not available
by default, you must check "Allow force push" in preferences > General Tab")

At the end your branch will be put on top of develop and that means it
incorporates all latest changes while continues to be a branch not merged
with develop.

I must to say that "Rebase" operation is delicate so you must know what
you're doing to avoid meshing the repository, but as you understand the
basics it becomes a powerful tool to use and another thing that adds to the
reason we love Git :)

Hope you find this useful


Carlos Rovira

Carlos Rovira

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