since Alex made changes to how builds are done I always make JS version.
Now I'm trying to make SWF version with maven

With vivid, as is a library I think I don't have to make anything, since
the output is an SWC

with VividExample I change in pom.xml <targets>JSRoyale</targets>
to <targets>JSRoyale, SWF</targets>, or even removing JSRoyale at all

if I put only SWF in targets my result in console is:

Loading configuration:

Error: Missing builtin type Object

Error: Unable to build SWF

What could be the problem here? what is the missing object, could the
compiler let us know what missing object expect?

Right now vividexample has versions of 4 html components so I think is ok,
even if I remove the use of the 4 controls and left the application with
only a view it behaves the same

Carlos Rovira

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