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2018-03-06 15:31 GMT+01:00 Piotr Zarzycki <piotrzarzyck...@gmail.com>:

> If you are extending Basic components, you got styles from there. If you
> don't need those styles you will have to do one of the two things in my
> opinion:
> 1) Exclude basic styles as we did it in MDL

exclusion was removed since the target was not need it anymore (compiler
option is not there anymore, or I think I read somewhere in this list when
changes to basic css and * where done by Alex). AFAIK, the actual way (and
right way) is not include things you don't need since is against our royale
philosophy (compile a .css that you don't need is anti-PAYG)

> 2) Override some of them using theme/your css file style
If I use a theme and want to override something, that's ok. But that's not
the case. I don't want to use anything, ergo, I should not have it include
and with the need of override it. And btw, this have colateral effects (we
all know how cumbersome CSS can become if you don't have control from the
beginning and you are inherit something you don't want to inherit )

Carlos Rovira

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