Display:block is almost always the right choice. It’s set in the Layout bead.

I don’t agree on “clean” HTML. The only reason to use css classes is to enable 
restyling (i.e. skinning) of an ap with different CSS sets. Otherwise, inline 
CSS is probably more efficient than css files.

> On Mar 11, 2018, at 7:18 PM, Carlos Rovira <carlosrov...@apache.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> coming back to this topic. I think is important, and that it deserves its
> own thread like I said in other one covering this and other topics.
> Current problem: In jewel button display is set to "inline-block", but
> since there's a default style, this make this assignment unused (appears
> strike out in browsers, since style="display:block" takes precedence. This
> happens in all through any royale app what I think is something bad. I
> think this is serious right?
> Another side effect is that we should no create any "style" in html tags
> due to:
> * bloated code (anyone looking at the html code we produce will see this
> problem and will think in this as a "bad point" for us)
> * as I notice, all styles in that tags takes precedence. And the last word
> should be in devs hands, not in royale framework devs hands.
> * if you see demos from other ui frameworks like material, semantic, etc..
> you'll never site ugly style attributes in any tag through all the demo,
> and they do what we do, so we can't say, "we must use style tags since
> there's no other way to do that". I think that's not true. This should be
> what "Core" or "Basic" CSS should do. "Basic" should not say nothing about
> font sizes, colors, backgrounds, etc.. but should do things like assign
> display, other needs more near to the framework code.
> I propose to start looking to display:block to see how to remove, and then
> progress to other styles like white-space: nowrap, margins, paddings...so
> we can end seeing no "style" attribute set by our framwork.
> So centering on display:block only: I'm trying to find where is the line
> where the framework assigns "display: block" to all components to find
> alternatives.
> I think it should be in Basic, but after comment all lines where I see this
> kind of assignament it still appears. Could someone point me to the line
> where this happen?
> my thinking on this particular assignment is that it could remove from all
> components easily.
> thanks
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