Bummer.  I checked the logs and you are correct.  I thought I'd made the 
branches before those changes.

I will probably see if the Maven release plugin will let me create branches 
from a particular Git commit.  I'll look into it next week.  Do you have a 
particular commit hash we should use?


On 5/17/18, 12:23 AM, "Harbs" <harbs.li...@gmail.com> wrote:

    Is there a list of classes which had their package paths changed? At the 
very least, those should be changed back. Preferably returned to their original 
    HTML can probably simply be reverted.
    I’m not sure what else (if anything) needs to be fixed.
    > On May 17, 2018, at 9:54 AM, Piotr Zarzycki <piotrzarzyck...@gmail.com> 
    > I do mean let's have it radical changes, but not partially as it is now. 
    > looks like discussion may bring us some solution.
    > Thanks,
    > Piotr
    > On Thu, May 17, 2018, 8:50 AM Harbs <harbs.li...@gmail.com> wrote:
    >> Having trouble getting this email to “take”. Trying a paste link 
    >> It looks like it does have issues.
    >> I just pulled the 0.9.3 branch.
    >> I get a lot of these warnings when I compile the framework:
    >> I used it to compile my app, and I get runtime errors due to missing
    >> components. This seems to be due to HTML not subclassing Group.
    >> Here’s an example of elements which go AWAL:
    >> Everything below “ul" is missing.
    >> Harbs
    >>> On May 16, 2018, at 10:45 PM, Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com.INVALID
    >> <mailto:aha...@adobe.com.INVALID>> wrote:
    >>> I'm pretty sure the branches were cut before the changes in question.
    >> You can pull down the branches and build them to verify.  Or look at 
    >> history on GitHub.
    >>> Om, did you see a date for when Maven SCM would be released?  The only
    >> response I got from the Maven folks was to build Maven SCM from sources.
    >> If it is going to be more than a week, I might actually try that.
    >>> -Alex

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