Have you tried running git clean -fdx?  There might be some files left over 
from a previous build or from your IDE.

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I have a good use case for RYA.  I hope I can get it working.  This is my first 
day with the project and I have a few questions.

I tried to run $ mvn clean install.  Each sub build succeeded until *Apache Rya 
Extra Projects* It then complains about *Too many files with unapproved 
license:* What does this mean and how to fix?  I see the list in rat.txt.  What 
do I do about it?

I see RYA uses an older version of Accumulo.  Is this required?  I am running 
something newer (1.8.1).

Is MongoDB required? or is it an alternative to Accumulo?


There are ways and there are ways,

Geoffry Roberts

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