Hey Fred,

The email seems to have some whitespace issues. Can you try sending it

Also, I'd like to include the patch for https://issues.apache.org/
jira/browse/SAMZA-1387 in the release. The PR is up for review now. Please
take a look and let me know what you think.


On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 4:12 PM, Fred Ji <fredj...@yahoo.com.invalid> wrote:

> Hi all,
> There have been some new featuresand critical bug fixes added to master
> since 0.13.0 release, which makes SamzaStandalone features more stable. It
> is now good enough to warrant a new minorrelease. We will continue to test
> for stability and performance in the next fewweeks.
> Here are the main JIRA tickets that will be included in this release (but
> notlimited to):SAMZA-1165: Cleanup datacreated by ZkStandalone in
> ZKSAMZA-1324: Add ametricsreporter lifecycle for JobCoordinator component
> of StreamProcessorSAMZA-1336: Standalone sessionexpiration
> propagationSAMZA-1337: LocalApplicationRunner needs to support
> StreamTaskSAMZA-1339: Add standaloneintegration tests…
> There are also quite a few bug fixes in 0.13.1, please check the complete
> list of changes in 0.13.1 here.
> Most JIRAs in the list havebeen completed and merged, with the following
> one remaining, but we should tryto get it completed before 0.13.1 is
> released.SAMZA-1385: Coordinationutils in LocalApplicationRunner uses same
> Zk node as ZkJobCoordinatorFactoryfor leader election
> Here's what I propose:1. Cut an 0.13.1 release branch.2. Work on getting
> the remaining open JIRA done.3. Target a release vote by Aug 18.
> Thoughts?
> Fred

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