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Hi all,

There have been some new features and critical bug fixes added to master
since 0.13.0 release, which makes Samza Standalone features more stable. It
is now good enough to warrant *a new minor release*. We will continue to
test for stability and performance in the next few weeks.

Here are the main JIRA tickets that will be included in this release (but
not limited to):
SAMZA-1165: Cleanup data created by ZkStandalone in ZK;
SAMZA-1324: Add a metricsreporter lifecycle for JobCoordinator component of
SAMZA-1336: Standalone session expiration propagation;
SAMZA-1337: LocalApplicationRunner needs to support StreamTask;
SAMZA-1339: Add standalone integration tests;

There are also quite a few bug fixes in 0.13.1, *please check the complete
list of changes in 0.13.1 here

Most JIRAs in the list have been completed and merged, with the following
one remaining, but we should try to get it completed before 0.13.1 is
SAMZA-1385: Coordination utils in LocalApplicationRunner uses same Zk node
as ZkJobCoordinatorFactory for leader election

Here's what I propose:
1. Cut an 0.13.1 release branch.
2. Work on getting the remaining open JIRA done.
3. Target a release vote by Aug 18.



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