Hello Martin,

I have added a fxml mock "Feature Editor" for gpx files. Please have a look at 
it and comment.

August 8, 2017 4:29 AM, "Martin Desruisseaux" 
<martin.desruisse...@geomatys.com> wrote:

> Le 07/08/2017 à 18:24, Siddhesh Rane a écrit :
> I understand that tabs may be more convenient during development, but at
> least the first tab about Apache SIS configuration should move in an
> "About Apache SIS" menu item.

I have moved it to the About menu. 
> As a side note, the current widget leaves the "semi-major" and
> "semi-minor" fields to zero. Those values can be fetched by
> Datum.getEllipsoid().getSemiMajor() and ...getSemiMinor().

I am already using that. Some CRS at the beginning like EPSG:2000 don't seem to 
have datum definitions. Try EPSG:4244 Kandawala, ellipsoid information loads 
for that one.
As a side note, I am currently setting SIS_DATA environment variable to point 
to a local installation on my hard disk. I tried adding sis-epsg maven module 
as a runtime dependency but it seems sis doesnt pick it up. There is warning 
about missing SIS_DATA variable and the factory being used is 
EPSGFactoryFallback. Am I missing something here?

> For the prime meridian, we should show the "Greenwich longitude"
> somewhere, maybe just on the right side of "Prime Meridian" combo box.



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