If you're not familiar with this. A colon is an illegal character in a windows 
file name. When windows uses it as part of a file descriptor when 
opening/creating a file it's to specify a side channel where extra data is 

So in the case of the jcr:content files git uses jcr:content as the file 
descriptor and ends up creating a file called jcr that appears empty but will 
still be the same size as the corresponding jcr:content. 

Eclipse is the actual creator of that error message as it rightly recognized 
that this is most likely not what was intended. I'm assuming that we can rename 
the files _jcr_content.json and still have them work. 

- Jason

On Fri, Feb 9, 2018, at 8:47 AM, Jason E Bailey wrote:
> I'm pretty excited about this.  Did run into a slight problem. I use 
> windows at work and your CMS commit actually breaks git for me. cms/ui/
> src/main/resources/jcr_root/etc/fileeditors/jcr:content.json is not 
> considered a valid file. 
> - Jason

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