> Yep, indeed. Currently I'm working on building out some reference
> components like search, lists, column controls, text editors, etc.
That would be awesome. We would like to use such components in our setup
and we might help with some development and maintenance along the way.
That would take some time dough.

IMO we should be able to make the artifacts available as part of a
release process.
Is this part of the apache project or a you private project. I'm asking
because I would like to do some work in that direction (release as often
as possible).
>> - is there any relationship between sling-cms and Composum? It seems to
>> me like both projects are heading in a similar direction and a
>> colaboration might be beneficial. Composum provides Composum assests,
>> Composum Pages, etc. That functionality could be reused.
> Not at the moment, I did add in Compsum for the package and node explorer
> capabilities, but I didn't realize Compsum Pages and Assets were so far
> along.
Have you had time to check them out? Can Sling CMS use those compnents?
Will they be used instead of internal/custom ones?

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