Hey Carsten,

What is the benefit of using this log service instead of just keep using SLF4J 
which seems to have almost the exact same interface / way of using?


> On 14 Aug 2019, at 08:17, Carsten Ziegeler <cziege...@apache.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> the OSGi R7 specification has an update to the Log Service which we should 
> support in some way in Sling.
> Today, we have our own LogService implementation 
> (org.apache.sling.commons.logservice). One way to implement R7 could be to 
> simply update our implementation. However logging is not our core business, 
> so I think it makes more sense to use an existing implementation.
> Fortunately, the Apache Felix project has an R7 LogService implementation. So 
> we could replace our own implementation with that.
> Unfortunately, that's not a simple replacement as our commons.logservice is 
> also implementing slf4j support by logging every received log event to slf4j. 
> On the other hand we have slf4j support in our org.apache.sling.commons.log 
> bundle (it's easy to confuse these two bundles we have). So we could move the 
> slf4j support to that bundle as well and have everything in a single place.
> Or we could remove our own logservice implementation from the logservice 
> bundle and just keep the slf4j support there. That would be a little bit more 
> compatible.
> Just for completeness, the R7 log service specification also introduces 
> streaming support for logging. The Apache Felix implementation does not 
> support this. But as the streaming support is additional we can use the 
> Eclipse log stream implementation on top of Felix implementation if we want 
> to support that, too.
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