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> Stefan, you are not being correct by a consensus of thread analyzers output
> or by being loud, or by pounding your fist on the table. This being said I
> will continue to exercise due diligence and put in the necessary time and
> effort to provide you with the most useful feed-back I can.
> I see that you missed my question in the post before: did you see a failure
> in the locale MT tests in your SPARC runs? If you do not want to run that
> test, that is fine, just let me know.

Good. That would be a good place to start, because the only things
you've been doing so far are:

1. bullshit debug via email
2. make incorrect and sometimes outright false statements about what
the code actually does
3. assert your inherent superiority over any instrumentation tool available.

To answer your question (which was quite pointless to begin with):
yes, the MT failures occur on SPARC as well, on both SPARCV8 and
SPARCV9, and the race conditions are reported on *ALL* plaforms
tested, even after having applied your _numpunct.h patch. This patch
alone does *NOT* solve the problem.

I have posted a test result showing more than 12000 race conditions in
22.locale.numpunct.mt *AFTER* having applied your patch.

Stefan Teleman
KDE e.V.

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