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> That is not it, and you did not. Please pay attention: given your assertion 
> that a race condition is a defect that causes an abnormal execution of the 
> program during which the program sees abnormal, incorrect states (read: 
> variable values) it should be easy for you to craft a program that shows 
> evidence of that by either printing those values, or aborting upon detecting 
> them, etc.

Oh, I see.

So now I'm supposed to write a program which may, or may not, prove to
you that the 12440 race conditions detected by SunPro and Intel are,
in fact, "real" race conditions (as opposed to "fake" race

And the means of proving the existence of these "real" race conditions
is ... [ drum roll ] ... fprintf(3C)?

This is very funny. You made my day,

Have a nice evening.

Stefan Teleman
KDE e.V.

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