Github user HeartSaVioR commented on the issue:
    I'm expecting that the patch is just for the update of API change, hence 
questions look more important than the code change.
    Several questions: 
    1. Did you test the patch manually with HBase 2.0 beta 1?
    2. I guess there's little chance for HBase community to introduce API 
change after beta, but the possibility is still open. Moreover that's not ideal 
to depend on beta version. Do you intend to open this for the official release 
of HBase 2.0 and update the version/API change once it happens?
    3. Does HBase 2 client be compatible with HBase 1.x? At a glance of HBase 2 
project doc 
 they claim admin interface is incompatible and HBase 1 client cannot 
administrate HBase 2. I'm wondering about opposite case (HBase 2 client to 
administrate HBase 1 server), and same case for other things. In short, I'd 
like to determine needs to have separate hbase module for HBase 1.x and HBase 


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