Hi devs,

We've just released Storm 1.2.1 (not officially announced but vote passed
anyway) and we're in agreement that no further minor version on 1.x version
line, so it's time to focus on Storm 2.0.0 so that we can bring far long
undetermined milestone to reality.

Here is the epic issue for Storm 2.0.0:

We have no restriction to file issues and submit patches so there're more
changes available outside of epic issue, but once we reach consensus to
bring Storm 2.0.0 fairly sooner, I propose we (team, or individual) add all
the issues to epic which we target to include to Storm 2.0.0, so that we
can track all the remaining items from the epic issue, and decide to
postpone some non-blocker dragging items to out of Storm 2.0.0. Makes sense?

I have some backlog issues for myself which would need somewhat huge
efforts so not sure they can be included to Storm 2.0.0. I'll add some to
epic if I think I can find time to do. If you have items which are planned
to be included to Storm 2.0.0, please add them to epic issue.

I hope that we can release Storm 2.0.0 in 1Q (1 month and several days
left): even if it doesn't happen, we could release beta version of Storm
2.0.0 in 1Q and we say "feature freeze" and concentrate on stabilizing the
release and making Storm 2.0.0 happen sooner than later. If you have items
for Storm 2.0.0 which requires more than 1 month to be finished, I think it
would be worth to share the items and discuss.

Please add your voice on anything about Storm 2.0.0 plan. It would be much
appreciated if someone puts efforts on testing and stabilizing the current
master branch (it would take much time and efforts and more hands are
definitely better).

Jungtaek Lim (HeartSaVioR)

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