> I'm still wondering what you're aiming for though. An obvious example
> would be offloading resource content storage from the repository server
> to some other storage. But if you want to do that, relying on redirects
> is hardly a good option, since you'd be increasing the number of
> requests and hence the latency. Transparent load balancing on the server
> side is probably a much better solution.

Overall system throughput is what I'm aiming at - large payloads for
thousands of users concurrently (and spread worldwide) are a focus for me -
remember the timing info I was positing (sometime inaccurately I grant you)
some months ago. Latency increasing (before a single GET starts streaming)
isn't a worry for me.

> Other than that consideration, I don't see any technical barrier to
> supporting redirects within a live session ... the DAV/HTTPv2 experts
> should chime in here.

I think DAV's enhancements to HTTP came for v1.1 not 2.0.

- Paul

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